Exploring the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Happy New Years everyone! We are 3 days into 2021 and the first of our Fifty-Two New adventures is complete. Lyndsey and I had tickets to the Wanderland exhibit at Tucson Botanical Gardens, a holiday-themed garden stroll complete with twinkling lights, luminaries, and plenty of poinsettias.

This activity is a great example of how to "spin" your Fifty-Two New projects. Visiting the Tucson Botanical Gardens in itself is not new to us. We are active members of the garden and visit regularly, but because neither of us had experienced Wanderland, this qualified as a new experience!

We walked in and were greeted by this beautiful poinsettia tree as seen in the picture above. The sun was just beginning to set and we could see the twinkling lights in the gardens beyond the entry gate. The pathways throughout were outlined with luminaries which made finding our way simple, and the holiday music made me feel like it was December again. It was a little chilly (for Tucson, anyways), and I felt like the only thing missing was some hot coco to really set the mood. All of the lights made up for it, however, and we even stumbled upon a beautifully decorated "Letters to Santa" box and a prickly pear paddle Christmas tree.

This was the last day of the exhibit for this season and I'm so happy we were able to experience it. Wanderland shone a new light (literally) on the gardens for us and you can learn more about the Tucson Botanical Gardens here:

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