Lunchtime at Barrio Charro

Going to Barrio Charro’s soft opening was the happiest of accidents. We spent the day putting away Christmas decorations at home and donating things to get back to our minimalist space for the new year and decided to treat ourselves.

I had noticed the “coming soon” on the Barrio Charro sign had come down at some point so I asked Tatum if we could go grab food after as a reward! I’ve been asking Don Guerra, the owner of Barrio Bread about this concept every time I’ve bought bread since November because I was SO EXCITED (sorry, Don). I say we attended the soft opening because we did, accidentally (again, sorry).

When we went in it was an off time and there were only staff in the restaurant (probably because it was meant for friends and family) so we decided to try a ton of things off the menu after a lot of time and changing minds trying to decide what to eat. It did not disappoint! Our burger, sandwich, house made chips, mac & cheese were all so good. The Tres Quesos Mac & Cheese had a Mexican flavor to it that was amazing. The burger and sandwich were on Don's wonderful house-baked bread from Barrio Grains and it was out of this world! Both of our entrées were loaded with flavor, high quality meat, and fresh veggies on both the burger and sandwich. The banana bread pudding with cinnamon-sugar whipped cream was flavorful but not overpoweringly sweet. It’s a fast casual restaurant so everything is in to go containers for now (I’m assuming because of COVID) and it was all compostable (yay!).

We loved the welcoming atmosphere and our expectations were high going in and knowing this is the creation of Don Guerra of Barrio Bread and Chef Carlotta Flores of the El Charro and Sí Charro! Restaurant group. I'm so excited to go back and try their brunch next!

If you can, support this new local spot Barrio Charro, Don’s shop Barrio Bread, or any of the Sí! Charro Restaurants.

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