Transit Tea & Joe's Real BBQ

One thing we try to do at least once a month is try a new local restaurant or store in town. For last week, we actually completed two Fifty-Two News by trying Transit Tea in Tucson and then making our way up to Gilbert for Joe’s Real BBQ.

Transit Tea

Transit Tea recently opened by Speedway and Tucson Blvd., and is accompanied by some really great murals from Modern Aquarian. Their menu is unlike anything I’ve seen before and has a ton of options. I do consider myself a “tea person”, so I will be going back to try out more of their flavors. Black tea, smoked cherry, and chocolate latte? You can find it here if you order the “Souvenir”. And that’s just one example of some neat flavor mixings I probably never would have tried before. You can check out their menu and see what I mean by options here:

Joe’s Real BBQ

Our second Fifty-Two New last week was having a delicious meal at Joe’s Real BBQ in Gilbert, Arizona. Joe’s has been around in Gilbert since 1998 and a part of the Heritage Distract. If you haven’t had a chance to explore the district, I highly recommend it. There’s some great art and below you can see one of the murals we found just be walking and exploring the buildings.

At Joes, you order and pick up at the walk-up window and from there you can go around to the back courtyard area that had a lot of shaded outdoor seating. We tried the pork and ribs and split some amazing sides: beans, potato salad, mac-n-cheese, and cornbread. You know, the usual BBQ staples. But this BBQ was far from usual. It was above and beyond any BBQ we’ve had in a very long time and we encourage anyone to try it if they’re up there! You can read more about Joe’s Real BBQ and find their menu here:

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