We Built a Pegboard

Updated: Feb 4

All of our DIY projects usually start off with some Pinterest inspiration. This leads us to reading multiple how-to articles and watching YouTube videos. From there we get to some version of: “How hard can it be?” In this case, turns out building a pegboard wasn’t out of our league but still took about half a day, attention to detail, and the right equipment.

Ok, we didn't have to do any demo, but we did need to find some studs in the wall...

We are lucky to have a former contractor in the family who helped us pick out our maple board and supplied us with the tools. From there it was a lot of measuring and cutting, drilling and sanding, and finally hanging and styling (the last part is my favorite).

Why did we build a pegboard? Other than it looking amazing in our office space and my Zoom background, it’s pretty functional too. We have a small home and a smaller workspace, so every bit of shelving counts. Plus it’s a great way to display some art and bring in more personality to the space. Another great advantage to pegboards is that the dowels are easily removable so you can style it countless ways. We aren’t stuck with one shelf in the same place. We can change where we want the shelves, how long we want them to be, what color they are, etc.

Here are some photos of our finished product, I think my personal favorite thing on here is the custom neon sign Lyndsey had made for me for my last birthday. I know I probably say this too often, but this is one of my favorite Fifty-Two News so far. I get so much joy out of the pegboard’s functionality and style, and it’s a bonus that we were able to make it together.

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