Wetlands & Lattes

We took advantage of the good weather and long weekend this time, and were able to get two more Fifty-Two News done over the last few days. First, we spent about an hour on Sunday exploring the Sweetwater Wetlands and we rounded out the weekend by trying a local spot, Ren Coffeehouse.

The Sweetwater Wetlands is a water treatment facility and urban wildlife habitat that’s free to enter. Bring your walking shoes, water, and hat (although we forgot the last one) because there are over 2.5 miles of pathways around the system. It was scenic and educational, there was signage along the path about the wildlife and how the water reclaiming system works.

We spent some time fascinated by the ducks, watched a couple of hawks that flew close by, and even encountered a bobcat that was crossing the paved path ahead of us. If you’re looking for a nice walk outside secluded from roads and cars, this is a must see. You can read more about the Sweetwater Wetlands here:

Our second Fifty-Two New adventure of the weekend was less active and focused on the leisurely pace of a morning off work. Lyndsey and I had never been to Ren Coffeehouse and wanted to give it a try.

The space is cozy and a perfect stop for morning cyclists or walkers on the Loop. Post Covid, it would be really nice to sit and hang out, but we took our drinks and pastries outside which was beautiful too. Ren Coffeehouse is located in St. Phillip’s Plaza on River and Campbell, and if you’ve been there you know there’s plenty of outdoor seating areas.

Lyndsey tried a hot latte with a plain croissant while I opted for an iced chai with a mini chocolate croissant. My only complaint? I should have ordered the regular size because that chocolate croissant was GOOD. And so were the lattes. We had nothing but good things to say about Ren Coffeehouse and will be going! You can see their more extensive menu and read about it here

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